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Seamless Inside

What is Seamless GARMENT?

Seamless garment is a type of one-time forming clothes manufactured by seamless knitting machine. Seamless knitting technology creates one entire complete garment with minimal or no cutting or sewing process. 

Seamless means no sewing, no seams, and no stitches. Seamless garments are primarily made from a combination of microfiber yarns, lycra, and cotton. It has wide range of applications including underwear, swimwear, control-wear, leisurewear, sleepwear, ready to wear, and active wear etc.

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1. No visible lines

This is the biggest reason for its popularity. Designed to be free of seams, which means there are no visible panty lines under clothing. This creates a smooth and seamless look that is ideal for wearing with tight-fitting or form-fitting clothing such as leggings.

2. Comfortable fit

The seamless garment is designed to fit closely to the body, which means it is less likely to bunch or ride up. This creates a more comfortable fit that is ideal for wearing all day long.

3. Versatile

Basically, all traditional styles can be made to be seamless. Thongs, boyshorts, and briefs, undershirts, boxers make it very versatile and can fit all body types.

4. Breathable

When seamless technology is combined with the right yarns, the result is a second-skin feel and a highly breathable fabric with moisture-wicking properties. This makes it a great option for wearing during physical activity or hot weather.

5. Reduced chafing and irritation

Seamless knitting eliminates the need for bulky seams, which can reduce the risk of chafing or irritation on the skin. This makes it a great option for people with sensitive skin or those who are prone to irritation.

6. Quality and Durability

It shortens the process of cutting and sewing steps, risks of defects and damages are also minimized, not to mention more constant product quality, better trim-ability for finished edge lines, just-in-time production, and mass customization.